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Insulting Support

It's insulting and infuriating trying to contact LastPass support, I'm being herded around on their FAQ pages, clicking all kinds of "Contact Us" buttons only to end up at the same goddamn "First search for your problem here" garbage pages. "You will find a way to contact us at the bottom of the page". How about No, I won't?

If you don't want to offer real support, fine, don't. But be honest about it and don't jerk me around. Don't goddamnh label the buttons "Contact Us" when that's not what it's about.

Active Contributor

Re: Insulting Support

Yep, agreed. Just been round the contact us and help pages in circles. I don’t think some of the wording is up to date there in terms of the withdrawal of email support for Premium users.


  • The promises of a way to submit a form being provided in all help/faq documents don’t seem correct. Haven’t seen a way anywhere yet.
  • ‘Contact Us’ is incorrect. It's more here’s our suggestions on what to try because you ‘Can’t Contact Us’
  • There seems no way to get an answer to a question about the LastPass security breach.  
  • Maybe I’m impatient as I’ve asked a question over 24 hrs ago and not had a reply. 
  • Maybe my impatience comes from having my personal data potentially comprised on LastPass, a service I pay for, and no-one or way to be able to reassure or confirm. 
  • Premium usually means an extra level of quality or service. That maybe used to be the case, it seems now as if it just denotes those who pay from those who don’t.