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New Contributor

Is the latest version 4.86.0 or 4.85.1?

May I get an official confirmation as to the latest version number of Lastpass app? Is it 4.86.0 or 4.85.1?


The download page indicated 4.85.1 and so did the release notes. I reached out to the support and got the reply that it's 4.85.1.


The problem is that the image download for Mac contains 4.86.0 dated Dec 9, 2021.


Is the latest version 4.86.0, but the download page and the release notes haven't been updated? Or some other scarier scenario? For example, maybe it's just my Mac has been hacked and it's replacing Lastpass binary.


This is not to raise false alarms. However, one cannot be too careful about a password manager.





GoTo Manager

Re: Is the latest version 4.86.0 or 4.85.1?

Hi Pete,

You can follow these instructions to confirm you're 100% updated:

  1. While logged in to LastPass, click the active LastPass icon AshC_0-1640975897537.png in your web browser toolbar.
  2. Go to Account Options > About LastPass.
  3. Installation information (including the version number, date/time the version was built, and whether the binary component is installed) is listed.
  4. You can compare your version number with the latest version listed in the LastPass Release Notes.
  5. If desired, you can download the latest version of LastPass for your device.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Is the latest version 4.86.0 or 4.85.1?

Thank you, AshC. It says Version 4.86.0 (1218).


That's not my question though. My question is what is the latest release version. Is it 4.86.0 or 4.85.1?

The release notes had no mention of 4.86.0 and indicated 4.85.1 as the latest version for Safari and the download page listed 4.85.1 as the latest as well. However, the image I downloaded from that page contained 4.86.0.

From the release notes:

v4.85.1 - November 24th 2021 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE

- Under-the-hood performance improvements in preparation for a future release.