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For more information about the LastPass security incident please visit our blog

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KLUDGE on Mac! Obscured Password boxes, double passcodes on log-in!

There are complaints about this stuff going back years! First of all, after MONTHS having to use the vault on the Mac because LastPass just didn't work on Safari, then MONTHS since...we still get 2 boxes for passcodes on every restart...


Next up...At least going back to 2020, people have been complaining about the ridiculous issue where we have to waste time trying to click around the hide/show field to access the LP 3 dots! NOOOOO response from the

LP team...NOOOOO solution.


Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 12.05.44 PM.jpg

As an app that has to be used throughout every single day, this thing is really NOT being handled properly....if your team is too busy, hire more people....cut SOMETHING to make this thing like it did years ago (and doesn't have its own security breaches) so that it earns the yearly fee! I've loyally held int here for all this time while you've delivered a sub-par product because of the good will the previous (or at least original) owners delivered, but you've really been burning through good will.