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Knocked Back to Free - How to return to premium?

The credit card on file with Last Pass was replaced by my credit card provider after it was stolen. Didn't remember that was the one that Last Pass used to bill my subscription for premium to.  I got an email early this morning telling me that there was trouble charging my card for my next year of premium and I needed to updated my payment information TODAY.  So I signed in, put in the new credit card number and noticed that I'm now a "Free User" and not a premium user.  There doesn't seem to be a way to tell Last Pass to charge my new credit card number for my premium subscription.  If I click on the "upgrade" or "upgrade to premium" buttons, I get a nasty message telling me I can't purchase that from the website/app/however I'm accessing last pass.


And since I'm now free, I don't get support unless I pay for it.  How do I get my premium back? Why isn't there a grace period of say 3 days to fix issues such as this if there is no way to tell last pass to "try charging me again"?


I love the product, but a situation like this highlights a major flaw in the product which sours to experience...

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Re: Knocked Back to Free - How to return to premium?

Are you trying to re-subscribe through the account admin panel?
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Re: Knocked Back to Free - How to return to premium?

Thanks JPenny84 for the link.  I've already updated my payment information before I posted my original message, so I wasn't asking how to do that.  What my issue is is that there is no button on the payment page that says, charge for another year of service (or something like that), nor can I find a button anywhere else related to that. All I have from either my vault ("Upgrade") or my Account setting pages "Upgrade to Premium" buttons.  When I click any button of that type I get an error page telling me that I can't do that, with a link to a support article. All the article says is that I can't upgrade to premium if I have an active or expired subscription to premium.  It doesn't mention how to get back an expired subscription.  The article mentions reaching out to support, but it must have been written before the business model changed because it doesn't bother to tell you that free users don't get support other than this community, so contacting support is not an option.


So my original question remains, how do I get back to premium since I didn't get any warning that it was coming due, or any option to correct my payment information and have last pass recharge my updated credit card for my premium subscription.


Here's the link to the article I mentioned.  If it mentions how to actual purchase it, or get it purchased, please let me know, because I must have missed it then.


Thanks again,



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Re: Knocked Back to Free - How to return to premium?

Hi @IamRob,


I see that there is a Premium subscription currently active for your account, were you able to complete the renewal/purchase? If you're not seeing your Premium status, could you try these steps to see if you then see your Premium status correctly?

  • Click the LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar.
  • Go to Account Options or click your email at the bottom of this menu > Advanced > Refresh Sites then Clear Local Cache
  • Log out and log back in to your LastPass account.

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