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LassPass version 4.99 breaks AppRiver Link Protection Services

Good afternoon.  We are an MSP that utilizes AppRiver Email Threat Protection Services, including Link Protection, that will wrap links in email with their EdgePilot service and sandbox them to ensure the links are valid when users click on the links in the emails.  This service began failing on Monday July 11th after an update to LassPass 4.99.  


If I remove LassPass and in some cases event the registry keys associated to Chromium Browsers Managed by your Company, then Link Protection works again.


I am posting hoping support will see this and contact me regarding this issue so we can work on a resolution.  Client has 15 plus users all using Lass Pass and we are now faced with disabling either Link Protection services or removing LassPass software from all user computers.


We'd prefer to identify the issue with LassPass and get resolved.  If anyone else is experiencing this or has a workaround please share.



LastPass Contributor

Re: LassPass version 4.99 breaks AppRiver Link Protection Services

Hi @starbucksgold !


There's nothing I'm aware of in 4.99 that would interfere with email links. Have you already gotten in touch with Appriver support? It's a little unclear to me what the service failing means. Are you experiencing this in multiple browsers as well? It sounds like Chrome is the only one you're focused on.




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Re: LassPass version 4.99 breaks AppRiver Link Protection Services

Thanks for the reply.  We did work with AppRiver support and validated no issues with their service.  I can replicate this issue on-demand.  With LastPass version 4.99 installed with extensions to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, the AppRiver Link Protection service fails.


The AppRiver Link Protection service takes a URL such as and wraps it with something like  When a user clicks on the link, it will open in a sandbox environment to validate the link and domain are valid and then open the correct URL.


In our case, with LastPass installed the links fail to open and translate correctly and user is unable to access whatever link they were trying to get to.  This could be a website, a download, DocuSign document, etc. If we uninstall LastPass and confirm the "Managed by your Company" for the Chromium browsers is removed and the extensions are gone and the Registry keys are removed, then the links from the emails work properly.


This is an odd and unusual issue for sure, but we have validated on multiple systems with multiple users on multiple browsers and get the same results each time. 


At this time we have disabled the email link protection services as the client needs access to their passwords more than the link protection.

LastPass Contributor

Re: LassPass version 4.99 breaks AppRiver Link Protection Services

Thanks for the additional details!


Any chance you can help us narrow down the root issue to the browser extension or the registry keys? Once you have successfully removed LastPass and the link protection works again, can you try adding LastPass to chrome from the extension store: That should not install any registry keys associated with LastPass. If it works, then we have more information on what could be the issue.