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For more information about the LastPass security incident please visit our blog

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Re: Last Pass Renewal - You cannot purchase this product with your account

I'm having the same issue and wondering if anyone can help.  This is extremely urgent.

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Re: Last Pass Renewal - You cannot purchase this product with your account

I am having the same problem. The instructions you have provided do not work. I click on "Manage Family" and get stuck in an endless loop of trying to upgrade but I cannot upgrade.


This is unacceptable. You have cut access to all our accounts on our mobile devices. THIS IS URGENT.

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Re: Last Pass Renewal

This is massively frustrating!!! I have a cc that was jeopardized and caused my account to become inactive. I updated the payment info but it said there was an error and it was unable to force the payment through. No support at all, I can't call anyone, message anyone to resolve the issue. I've been extremely satisfied with LastPass, but this issue is a big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help or I will be finding another PW manager!

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Re: Last Pass Renewal - You cannot purchase this product with your account


The actual solution is to log in as the family manager, turn off Auto-Renewal.  Log out.  Log back in to  Go to your account settings.  Click the "Purchase" button for the Family plan.  It will ask you for your personal information and credit card.  That will purchase the plan and set you up for auto-renewal again.  I sleuthed a phone number from support and did get to talk to a person in billing who walked me through that process.   What a pain in the butt to try to find this simple information.  Support was useless in dealing with this problem.  Why did it take me 36 hours to give them money?  It shouldn't be that hard!



Here's what I did:

At the bottom of the e-mail from support, it said I could try to reach them at  I went there, and it took me to  There was a Contact Us link that said "Sales: Available from 2:00am to 7:00pm (U.S. EST), Monday through Friday. 1-866-890-8931." 

I called that number and they tried to pass me to the Billing department.  It hung up on me.  I called back and tried that again.  After a long hold with music, they answered (10 minutes later): Vilma answered and transferred me to LastPass billing.  She wouldn't give me the direct number to get to LastPass Billing.
Michele answered - She had me log out.  She turned off my Auto-Renewal.  She had me log back in.  As the family manager, I could get to my account settings and "Purchase" Families plan again ($48+3.xx taxes) by typing in my personal information and credit card.  It set up the auto-renewal again.