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Last Pass troubles

I want to use Last pass for trips so I load my lap top and when I get to my destination and try to use the laptop it does not function because last pass wants pass words reentered the ones I left at home because I should not need them because I have last pass. This is a very frustrating problem with last pass.

The other problem is duplicate sites or passwords lastpass keeps notifying me of this like it is a problem,what the hell is the difference if I use the same pass words on my PC it is my PC and really does not need any where this kind of security. :x
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Re: Last Pass troubles

With respect to the first part of your gripe, you need to do some prep work if you plan to use LP on the road. I got caught be an equally annoying LP issue a couple of years ago. Burned into my mind was the 'Securely access your passwords anywhere you have internet access and a web browser' boast.

So when I wanted to check my Gmail account from my nephew's house in Alaska -- far away from my home here in Michigan -- but I couldn't login because LP didn't recognize the computer I was sitting at. Of course, I knew my master password, I type it countless times every day. But LP wanted to protect me and sent an authentication code to my Gmail account -- yeah, the one I couldn't log into because I use LP to remember its password. This is equivalent to my favorite computer error message, ever: "Keyboard error. Press any key to continue." Of course, they were happy to also send the code to my cellphone, which had no service because I was out in the freakin' tundra....

I was not a happy camper...

The second part of your problem is odd. Under normal circumstances I use LP daily on up to 7 different devices, and don't have any difficulty with duplicate sites/password warnings. You're supposedly accessing the same list of sites and passwords with every device you use LP on. Something's very odd here. Of course, the way LP has degenerated of late, it's no telling what's likely to go wrong.
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Re: Last Pass troubles

Well I got into Last pass a few years ago to use it on the road and it has worked before. This is a new lap top and it would not let me in again this trip I had to reenter my master pass word then it wanted my security word then it would not accept that . After all that it wanted to send a number to my email which I could not answer because the peace of crap would not allow me to log in. So I guess today I get my pass words of my home computer and delete last pass because it does not serve the purpose I need it for.