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New Contributor

LastPass Account recovery failing iphone

I have spontaneously been asked for my master password on iPhone LastPass app (I usually use FaceID). I have forgotten my password.
I started account recovery on my iPhone using faceID but the app is stuck with a black screen, drawing a red circle and saying “your account is being recovered…. We’re gathering you info, please don’t leave or close the app.”
This has been the same for several hours.
So I closed the app and started the same processes but there is no change.
I have cleared all my iPhone apps. I have an iPhone 12. I have restarted the phone and tried again to no effect.
Any help would be appreciated
New Contributor

Re: LastPass Account recovery failing iphone

Hi Jogler. I just saw your post and was hoping to find answers. I have the exact same issue going on right now. No clue what the master password is and was all of a sudden prompted for user and password and then the FaceID recovery just spins and spins. I just posted the same thing so hopefully between your post and mine - we can get an answer.