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LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

Hi all,

since a few weeks I have the issue that the LastPass Authenticator app can't restore the 2FA authentication tokens from a backup.
This has always been working, but when recently moving to a new iPhone the app quits the restoration process with "Restore failed. Please try again later".

I have tried various troubleshooting steps including:

- log out / log in of LastPass and LastPass Authenticator
- reinstall LastPass and LastPass Authenticator
- using another iOS device to try to restore then Authenticator backup

No of this has been working.
To me this looks like a backend problem. Any other tips to resolve this? I would like to avoid the pain of going to reset a handful of accounts with 2FA enabled.
Is there any way to access the 2FA tokens through the web front end?

I tried to reach out to support via support ticket as well as Twitter DM. The support is utterly useless and has after 3 weeks still not even fully understood my problem. Support replies in 3-5 day intervals at best. I have been a paying LastPass customers for years, but this is beyond shameful. Support is non existent. I tried to escalate my issues - to no availability.

After this I will take a closer look at 1Password. I expect some kind of customer service as a premium customer for such a critical service. I have been recommending LastPass as the to go password manager for years, I guess that is over now. :oops: 😐
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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

same as me, does any reply???
i'm subscribe member 2 years...
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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

Still no resolution through any support channels. Super embarrassing.

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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

Hello, i have the same Problem.
Enterprise account and enabled Backup to vault in authenticator.

But after lost the device while defect, no restore from backup on any other device from vault.

The backup of otp data are the Key Feature of lastpass authenticator. For all other i can use any other tool.

Please Support. Investigate some time and answer.
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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

New Contributor

Fix this iOS Backup restore issue please.


Some of us premium users are currently unable to use ios authenticator app, which makes the product obsolete, and requires us to find other means of adding 2FA to our new iphones. The current restore option sends us into an infinite loop with no way to resolve and little support from the last pass team. Please resolve this or expect to lose loyal customers.
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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

Had the same issue.
tried to restore from backup multiple time along the month.
Then did the following steps, which helped me out:
1. Log out from LastPass
2. Cleared the logs in LastPassAuth by clicking on the gear -> View Diagnostic Logs -> Trashcan button at the top
3. Click on the Restore from backup again

It really feels like the log was full and did not allow to print into it anymore, blocking all other operations.
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Re: LastPass Authenticator Backup Restore Failed

Thank you! That worked for me.