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LastPass Families - how to multiple e-mails for 1 user?

I activated a 6 month trial of LastPass Families. My family member in question uses multiple e-mail addresses to login to various websites. LastPass only auto-added a few of the logins from our previously shared profile in my name to him based on the e-mail address he used to register his own, separate LastPass account.

1) How can I indicate to LastPass that family member 2 has multiple e-mails associated to them?

2) How can I indicate to LastPass that websites using non-e-mail credentials belong to family member 2?

Please tell me that a company eager to get multiple pay-outs on the same family and get people to stop account sharing thought of an easy way to do all of the above, or I am going to have to start price shopping alternatives. Multiplying my price point by 4 shouldn't include a ton of extra head aches.