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New Contributor

LastPass Family renewal failure - Possible fix?

Like so many other people on here I had enormous problems with getting Lastpass families to renew along with a notification that my card details had expired.

I eventually contacted support who cleared things and I was able to renew. However something I spotted in the process of trying to troubleshoot everything may be the key to others being able to resolve this themselves.

I originally upgraded from a Premium to a Family account and it seems that the Lastpass/Logmein system is trying to revert to that Premium instead of allowing a user to renew their Family account.

I remember seeing an option to cancel the automatic payment but it was located in the row titled for the Premium account so I wonder if a user were to do that it would then allow you to redo the subscription and process the renewal without the circular "Oops" error.


Thought I'd pass this along in case it did work... Support may be able to test to verify or rule this one out.