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New Contributor

LastPass Stored Passwords are getting deleted automatically

- We have multiple accounts stored in lastpass that are getting  deleted at random. One min they are there then the next min they are in deleted items.

- We then restore the deleted accounts and after a very short time after we restore, the account gets deleted again.

- We have checked the logs in the Admin panel and the logs are saying that one of our users moved and/or deleted the entry.

- The user in question assures the LastPass Admin staff that they definitely did not delete or move the account/s.

- The issue doesnt appear to be tied to the one company that we have setup in a shared folder.

- I would like to request urgent support on this as I am concerned our account has been comprimised. 

- This only started directly after LastPass got comprimised in Dec 2022.

New Contributor

Re: LastPass Stored Passwords are getting deleted automatically

I'm having the same issue.  Are passwords associated to users?  In other words I deleted a user and was wondering if this is why my passwords are getting deleted automatically.