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LastPass app for Mac OS will show drop-down box with no contents

On Mac OS, when I am using Safari and have the LastPass app installed on the icon bar within Safari, whenever I click on the " . . . " icon to have the LastPass options menu appear, the menu box will show just an empty box. Half the time it will not display the menu options. This happens in Safari on multiple machines running Mac OS. The LastPass extension does not exhibit this behavior for the other browsers on Mac OS, likely because they are installed differently. This problem with LastPass for Safari has been going on for many months now.

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I just spoke to LastPass CS - they are aware of these issues and said their devs are working on a fix but they could not provide a timeframe for when that fix would roll out. 

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I'm having the same issue. I tried disabling the lastpass safari extension. Deleting and reinstalling the latest version of LastPass for Mac and nothing seems to fix the issue. Hopefully an update to LastPass will fix this. 

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I forgot to visit and say that you fixed this problem with an update a couple of weeks ago.