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LastPass icon on non-login field



I have a website that I work in where there is often a Name field.  This is long after I've logged into the system.  I know that LastPass has no way of knowing if I'm authenticated, or if the Name field is a login field or not.  But it's not a login field.  It appears they upgraded last night, as I now see a different, larger, more intrusive icon in this Name field.  I'm wondering if there is any way to disable the icon for specific fields on a specific website.


For example, can I tell LastPass that on any website to ignore any field called "name"?




LastPass Contributor

Re: LastPass icon on non-login field

Hi @rickseiden ,


We are rolling out a new version of the save & fill feature that adds saving and filling addresses and credit cards. The new icon next to a name field is probably due to the feature seemingly recognizing an address form. 


You might be able to configure a Never URL for that page, that prevents LastPass from taking specific actions for a specific website. Here is how to configure it:


Alternatively you can prevent LastPass from saving new addresses:

  1. Open the extension menu
  2. Click on your name or Account Options > Extension Preferences
  3. Open the Notification tab
  4. Disable Offer to save addresses 

 Lastly, would you be able to share the exact URL to communicate it with the appropriate team so that they may adjust their algorithm that recognizes fields?



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Re: LastPass icon on non-login field

I'll give the never url option a try, along with the address feature, but unfortunately I can't give you the URL as it's a client's system that you have to log into to get to the field in question.


Thanks for your help.  I'll let you know how it goes.