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Lastpass Chrome - Stuck in Offline mode

I cannot get Chrome Lastpass to login. I have saved a login twice this morning and it is in my vault, but it's not pushing to the web. Closed browser and rebooted computer and then the login just disappears. Still cannot get Chrome to go into Online mode and I keep getting this

LastPass was unable to contact the login server, so you are now in offline mode.
Some functionality may be limited.

I can login to the web vault via Chrome, my iphone is logged in, but cannot get Chrome to go online.

Honestly, I'm having constant issues with lastpass lately. Including that it keeps asking me to do 2FA authentication on my main computer after I tell it to remember the device for 30 days. I have to re-enable it every couple of days. When I go into my preferences I can see a huge pile of trusted device sessions for my Chrome (I have taken to putting the date on each trusted device session so I can see / track how often LP is requiring me to do another 2FA authentication and save the session for 30 days).
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Re: Lastpass Chrome - Stuck in Offline mode

I should also mention that I have completely reinstalled Lastpass at least 4 times in the last month because I seem to have so many issues with authentication and sessions.

Currently, I am on

LastPass Chrome Toolbar

Version: 4.5.0
Built: Thu Jan 04 2018 18:15:53 GMT-0500 (EST)
Binary Component: true (Native Messaging version 4.1.51, built Jan 11 2018 12:03:08)

And I'm running Windows 10 x64 Pro, nothing special or highly customized. AV software is Emsisoft (which is bitdefender's engine)
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Re: Lastpass Chrome - Unable to get OFFLINE ACCESS

This was frightening to me; that I could not log on or get Offline access. This can't happen when I'm in the middle of a work site or even trying to find out what the h--- happened...was LP hacked? Was there a glitch in the system? Come on guys and gals, this CANNOT happen to your site and have no recourse for offline access!