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Lastpass blank window pop up in Safari

Recently (maybe with the 4.92 version update?) I noticed starting last pass opened up a blank window (see screenshot). I'm on a Mac (12.3.1). The safari extension doesn't seem to work so well either anymore (autofill works but only after clicking "fill" from menu icon). I also have to login to the Lastpass App each time I open it. I wonder if the pop up is an authentication window not displaying properly? Any idea what's going on? I uninstalled and reinstalled but still same. I've had to resort to using Chrome again (extension works fine there).Blank pop up windowBlank pop up window

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yes I have 2FA enabled.

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SAME newer issue. 2014 MBP. Blank window...and fill doesn't work. 2FA enabled. 

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WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS???? I still have to open the password as if editing and manually copy usernames and passwords and paste in login screens!


This has gone on way too long. Whenever you guys break something it takes forever to get them fixed! It's been WEEKS now. This is wasting so much time!

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I have also had this issue for several weeks. LastPass app + Safari has several issues as noted by others. I also have the issue that the LP plugin pop-up window (from the title bar) is now blank so I can't search or autofill any passwords in Safari. Essentially, the LP Safari extension is completely non-functional. This may force me to a competitor after being a LP paying customer for over 10 years. Please respond to this thread with _something_, even if it is just "we're working on it".

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Same problem here.  27 inch iMac, 2019.  Big Sur and Monterey (just installed it to see if maybe that would fix it, but no).  
A very temporary workaround for me has been using AppCleaner on LastPass to uninstall, then reinstall it.  That seems to work until that stupid blank screen with the dash shows up.  Then I have to repeat the process.  But it's something.  Not a permanent fix though.  

4.94 showed up this morning.  So far it doesn't seem to fix the problem.  Grrr


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I have the same issue with LastPass in Safari. Began after install of 4.94.0. LastPass extension works fine with Edge Browser.
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Same here, everything up to date, 2020 Macbook Air M1. Please fix this.

Robert Busch
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Now at least I know I'm not crazy.  I've been having the same issue and I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting plists, support files, webkit files, etc.  Works fine in Chrome, just not Safari.  I was noticing issues with the fill in of passwords at the prompts but it used to work from the menu bar.  Now it is just a blank menu bar.. I have to cut and paste from the app. 


2020 MacBook Pro M1.  

macOS Monterey 12.3.1

LastPass 4.94.0

Safari Version 15.4 (17613.



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Same here on new MacBook Pro with M1 chip.  Running OS Monterey 12.3.1.   Also use 2FA.  Only happens in Safari, but if I right click in the username field, the options will show up, however they still don't fill the field.

Chrome works just fine.  These last several months I've noticed LP behaving worse than usual.  I may switch to another password app if they don't resolve this latest issue quickly.   That trouble will be worth it compared to LP's ongoing problems.  

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I can't remember what I did yesterday but I think this started with 4.88 and has gotten progressively worse.


Mac OS 12.3.1, Safari 15.4.


When I used to start Safari, so long as Safari didn't auto-disable the LastPass extension, I would be good to go. Now, I start Safari, and I get the blank popup window. I have to close it and start the LastPass desktop app, log in, and then the extension in Safari seems to realize that it needs to start. It's greyed out until I start the LastPass desktop app. 


Even when the extension is running, there is usually a looooooong lag time between when I click it and when it finally coughs up the password. It's much faster just to copy and paste from the desktop app. 


Super annoying, please fix this ASAP.