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Lastpass icon doesn't work

In Safari, the LastPass extension icon in the toolbar often doesn't work. I can click on it as much as I want, it doesn't even come up asking me to log in again. If I go to I can log in. But if I close that browser window, every connection is lost, and I can no longer expect it to fill in usernames and passwords. In short, while I think it could be a great product, it's completely frustrating.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the extension, and initially thought all was well. But that lasted about a day, and I'm now back where I started.
I find myself constantly having to go back to KeePass on my phone to get the username and password for whatever site I'm trying to access. I bought LastPass so I wouldn't have to do that anymore, and so I could share passwords with my wife. Neither option is working very well for me now.
In addition, LastPass constantly asks me if I want to remember username/pw combinations that it already has. If I say yes, I end up with multiple duplicates of the same username/pw combo, and have to go through manually deleting the excess ones.
Finally, it often comes up and asks me if I want to save a combo which applied to a site I had previously used. If I say yes, it saves the username/pw combo from one site under the name of another site. I can live with that, but for my wife, it's a complete mess needing to be fixed.
Should I actually have to pay for this? I don't think so!
Fix it, and I'm happy to continue. Otherwise, I'll go looking for something else, and write off my use of it as an experimental failure that cost me a year's expense for nothing.