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New Contributor

Lastpass pushing onto developers for mistakes

I often think Lastpass pushes mistakes more onto webmasters on failing to auto-fill in websites and other issues not working because they don't wanna bother fixing issues up themselves,


Is this correct assumption to make?


For instance, Google only filling in email and not password, Lemon64 forum: not auto-filling in * fields.. etc..


True, some of these could be browser issue, but i doubt that when it works on other sites...


If it  was web pages issue and LP is correct, then it would be going on a right-wing to say "They would update their pages more frequently, and as a result causes issues with Lastpass" which would put everyone in a case of terror when it worked one day, but not the next.. Its just far too frequent, and would *** off everyone..


There are only so many ways you can code to auto-fill.