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New Contributor

Lastpass search not working

Went to a website I use occasionally today. Lastpass did not recognize it, even though I have an account saved for it. Evidently, the site changed its server or URL, I'm assuming.  No problem I'll just search my Lastpass with the right-click option (desktop version). Typed in the site name ... "Not found"??? That's odd. I know for certain I have LP creds for this site saved. So I go to the LP vault and search... voila! There's the cred I need. 

I TYPED IN THE SAME SEARCH TOKEN in both the right-click option and the in the vault. I manually copied the creds and pasted them in at the subject website and was logged in. What's the deal?


Separate subject: I'm pretty pissed off that there no longer seems to be a Lastpass support channel for premium members. I pay good money for this service and have for nearly as long as it's been around. Might be time for me to consider a new pass manager.