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Locked out with the right password

People need to know that they can be locked out of their accounts and lose access to all their data even when they have the right Master password. A week ago, my password had suddenly stopped working. Their customer service kept telling me they were receiving error messages on their end saying I was using the wrong password. I couldn't understand why as I've been using the same password for ages and didn't change it recently. I spent countless hours (over 20h) trying different combinations of passwords while resetting lots of individual accounts' passwords so I could access my emails, bank accounts, etc. It was a was stressful experience wasting all that time while knowing I had lost access to "notes" with sensitive data locked in Lastpass. Customer service ended up adding an IP address on their side and-magic-my password started working again. It worked from the very first try, which shows that all that time I had the right password while they were telling me I had the wrong one. This made it crystal clear one could forever lose access to their Lastpass even while remembering their Master password correctly. They didn't even have the decency to offer me a year of Premium service or something like this, as any company who minimally cares for their customers would have done. Stay away from Lastpass.

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Re: Locked out with the right password

Hi Jean,


The privacy and security of our users is always a top priority at LastPass. As a security precaution, LastPass will routinely require users re-login to their accounts and re-verify their trusted devices. If you are prompted to do so, please log into your LastPass account with your Master Password and check your email to re-verify your trusted devices.

Additional information regarding trusted devices can be located here

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