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Logged into PC, into Chrome LP extension, into the VAULT page -- HOW can I get or change master PW??

I'm trying to help another user.  I'm logged into their PC, and as stated in the subject, ONE browser, CHROME, is already logged in for the extension, three red dots.  Click the dots, and I can open the VAULT.    


But, NOW I need to find the MASTER PW --- I "misplaced it", or my notes are crap, BUT, I'm already logged into LP and also in the VAULT.  But, ANYTHING I do, other than look at the PW hint, requires the master PW, including changing the PW, exporting, etc.


I tried RESET PW, and it sent a link, which I opened IN the Chrome browser, already open and logged into the VAULT.  It asked if I wanted to use the TEMP PW, and I said, YES.  It opened a page, but the spinner NEVER STOPPED spinning, even though it said that it was going to ask me for ... my email address, which it did not.  So, I am stuck.


The CACHE on the browser has not been cleared, and UBlock is OFF on the LP site, but doesn't seem to want to allow me to use the one time reset.


OH -- and my NOTES have a PASSPHRASE for Lastpass...  WHERE or HOW do I use that PHRASE???   Or, did I just dream using that?


FYI  -- I have a separate post in GENERAL, not in LP support for the FORUMS site itself, in resetting PW AND ALSO EMAIL address.    On other sites, I could always find "PW reset", and only have the time, resetting email address was either impossible to find, or they didn't support ANY changes EVER for an email address.  Here, email was seemingly easy, but changing the PW was NOT available as a menu option AT ALL, unless I missed it.  Does anyone know an EASY way to change this forum PW??  I found a post that said, log out, and then instead of logging in, say you cannot log in, and try to recover that way...  VERY odd, but even that did NOT work or allow me to change PW.  Ironically, when I first went to this forum I haven't used in years, it mandated a new changed PW.  But, since I didn't like it, I wated to change it again, and I could not find a way to do so.