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New Contributor

Login Mac but not website or phone

Hi, I can log in using my credentials on my Mac desktop, but when using the same email and password to log in on the web, it tells me I have used the wrong information. The same result happens when using my iPhone app (not working). I want to upgrade my service but cannot because I can't log in to the website. Frustrating! 

GoTo Moderator

Re: Login Mac but not website or phone

Hi @jnrmobbs 

You may be still logged in on the desktop browser app, which can be deceiving because LastPass is showing you the app there is still active.  From what I can tell on the backend, you may be entering the wrong account password on the iOS and website. 


Unfortunately I don't see that any recovery-one-time-passwords are available in the browser app.  Did you set up any other recovery options for the account in case the password was lost?  If not, you may need to reset the login itself.  


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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