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Login with button press on phone?

I have been using RoboForm for years but I'm not happy with it any more and have been trying LastPass for a while now. The problem is I cannot find the ideal security. As of now I use it on 2 computers and I am always logged in! Even after rebooting the computer or being gone for days. Turn the PC on and boom... all the logins are available to anyone.

I understand I can set it to log out when browsers are closed or after some time. But then it becomes more of a hassle than RoboForm. I have to login AND enter a 6 digit code from the app on my phone. Since I bounce around between 2 computers I end up having to do this repeatedly.

I have 2-factor authentication using the cell phone but it requires opening the app and entering a 6 digit number in the screen AFTER entering user name and password. That's too much of a hassle but leaving it logged in is too much a risk.

For wordpress I have it set up where I just get a notification on my phone and I click the login button on the notification and I am in! Simple.... no need to log in with username and password THEN run an app and get a code to type in within 30 seconds...

Is it possible with one of those authentication options in LastPass? I just want a message to appear on my cell phone and I click YES