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Logs off on closing browser

Each time I start a new browser session, I have to log into LastPass. Since I close and open the browser many times over the course of the day, I wouldn't mind at all avoiding that.


In the browser's extensions, Last Pass, settings, the box to log out when all browsers are closed is NOT checked. Now, the browser itself is set to clear cookies and site data when closed. Could that be the cause? I know that there I can enter exceptions, but I only know how to enter exceptions that are URLs. Any suggestions?

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Re: Logs off on closing browser

Hello @jhaber191 ,

Thank you for reaching out. 


I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue, the LastPass extension saves cache and cookies for it to keep the session open, eventually closing them for security. In this case, avoid clearing the cache of the browser when closed, additionally, to update the extension to the latest versions, remove it and reinstall it. 


Hope this helps.

Karol is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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