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New Contributor

Master password not working, biometric recovery not working

I'm a premium member and user for over 10 years. My master password stopped working this morning even though it hasn't changed. None of my many browsers are remembering the OTP even though the extensions are installed. My phone has biometric permission to do account recovery BUT when I try to create a new master password it says 'something went wrong, try again later'. Multiple attempts hours apart, no fix.


So I cannot access my account, and the recommended account recovery method has failed, and I can't even contact account support directly because... to do that you need to type in the master password! This is ridiculous. This is having a huge impact on my work and I've wasted hours trying to resolve it with no help from Last Pass.


I have searched this forum and cannot see a solution. Account recovery with biometrics SHOULD work but it keeps giving an error message.


Any help much appreciated.