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New LastPass problems

Hey all,

It used to be good - it used to work fine. Now it's buggy, broken, and generally stinks. I can't even view some webpages because its just auto trying to fill in the boxes.

On some websites it enters in a super long password that obviously isn't correct and I have to delete and manually type it in, then when it asks if I want to update the password for this account, I say yes, and it never saves.

It almost never saves my new passwords and is constantly forgetting them. Google Passwords never seems to forget. Google is also on all my devices - lastpass could be too, if I pay them money. Dunno why I'd do that if the system is so broken. If lastpass actually had good features and wasn't such garbage i'd consider it

GoTo Manager

Re: Lastpass stinks

Hi @maxwelledwards

Welcome to the LastPass Community.

We are working to improve the newest Save and Fill functionality currently, which may be affecting the visibility on some pages. If it is causing any trouble, you can disable this feature in your LastPass app's Vault: Advanced Options. Please let us know if this helps?

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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LastPass Contributor

Re: Lastpass stinks

@maxwelledwards thanks for the feedback. Even though it's not what we want to hear, we value it so we can improve. Any chance you could share which specific websites were giving you trouble so that we can fix any issues?