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No OTP found, but multiple OTP found- also google authentication requires login?

I have SMS account recovery set up, as well as multi-auth with google authenticator. I should definitely be able to do account recovery, and have successfully done so in the past.


The messaging in the following errors is very confusing- if it is valid, it should be clarified. As it reads currently it is logically incoherent- it's not possible to have no one-time passwords AND have one-time passwords.


I have no other browsers with the browser extension, so that will not help.

No email or links have been sent to my inbox, so that's straight up broken.


Confusing Error Message.png

After completing the Google Authenticator challenge and entering the rolling code there, I'm greeted by this demand to login- the thing I can't do because I'm in the Account Recovery flow. This shouldn't happen.

After Google Auth.png


GoTo Manager

Hi @LManX, welcome to the community.


I apologize for the confusing messaging, I will be sharing this with the team. From reviewing your account I see no recovery one-time passwords available, which is why recovery will fail. Your Master Password was last changed 1 year ago and I see you have been successfully signing in until very recently so I suspect you have an idea of what the Master Password is. The master password is 12 or more characters long and has at least one upper and lower case letter, number and symbol. It is also case sensitive so you may want to type it out in a text editor to check exactly how it is being entered. Account lock outs are temporary, so after a 5 minutes you can try again.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

"successfully signing in until very recently so I suspect you have an idea of what the Master Password is"


I don't, or I wouldn't be here. I keep Remember me on, so I don't have to authenticate often. I haven't used my personal computer in months, so I assume the token has expired and now I have to re-authenticate. I can't complete account recovery on my phone nor on my desktop.