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No longer able to make 'Notes' field larger easily (button removed)

I am running LastPass Extension version 4.93.0 in Chrome version Version 100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10.

Until today, the Notes field had an icon on the top which expanded it much larger in one click.  This is no longer present.  The only way to expand the window now appears to be to drag the bottom right corner to expand it rightwards/downwards.

Is this a bug or an intentional UI change?  It makes it much harder to expand the Notes window, and leaves the left of the screen unused as the window can't be expanded there.

If it is intentional, please either re-provide original functionality as an option, or provide a much simpler button to make the 'Notes' window much larger in one click (majority of screen).

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Me, too.   Very annoying.

However, at least SOME of my items do still include the <> double arrow button to enlarge.  A bank, for example.  The bank item has two MANUALLY entered fields, whatever that is called. . . . fields I created.    So that might be a clue to the developers as to what the problem is??

But most have lost it.

Seems even more scary that SOME have it and some do not!

I wonder if this is related to the other bug, where we cannot type CTRL-ENTER to add a new line in the notes field.  They are aware of that bug.....


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That's useful.  I checked mine and I can't find any Password records with the expand icon still there, but it is still there on Secure Note records (and, incidentally, pressing ENTER on these also inserts newlines in notes correctly as well, so it does appear to be related to the other issue).

Also, to clarify my original post, the missing diagonal expand <> button is normally at the top of the window (on the red bar, just to the left of the cross), rather than on the Notes field as per my original post.


I checked several permutations and the issues only appear to impact Editing Password records.  I tried all types and found that:


  • For the following, the diagonal expand button is gone, the Notes box can now be expanded to the right, and pressing ENTER in the Notes field closes the record instead of inserting a newline (all of which are problematic - please revert to original functionality on all three points?):
    • Edit a Password record


  • For the following, original functionality (thankfully) persists
    • Add a new Password record
    • Add/Edit a Secure Note record
    • Add/Edit a Address record
    • Add/Edit a Payment card record
    • Add/Edit a Bank account record

Incidentally, Adding or Editing anything other than a Password automatically expands the window to full screen, which is lovely!   I don't use those types often, but I'm fairly sure that is an improvement.  Please could you make Password record default to expanding to full-screen on Add/Edit also?

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Same here.  What the heck happened?  Why didn't QA catch this before the product went General Availablity.

And the "ENTER" during editing - fails too.


Does LastPass know about these two errors in the new release?



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It gets even worst for me. Right now when I try to edit my passwords, while in notes section field, when i press ENTER to jump to a new line the whole note closes like it does when you press SAVE button.  You it not possible now to edit note section because every time I hit enter it closes my whole  password file. It is like SAVE button is not needed any more.  Very annoying. 

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stinks for sure.  But one workaround is to COPY a blank line first, and paste it where you need it.  Can paste several at once, too.  Then you can type on multiple lines.


I wonder how many million USERS are annoyed these days with LogMeIn.   LogMeOut??

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Well. . . . 2 months later, and no word on a fix for this.  Is this not annoying other users??  The dragging of the notes field to enlarge it is awkward, and often forces the Cancel / Save buttons off the bottom of the screen.


What was wrong with the  <>  button to make it fuller screen?