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New Contributor

Not receiving the verification email I need to access my LastPass account

Hi there,

So I didn't have any trouble remembering my Master password - the issue is that because I have travelled to a different country it flagged my device as one that needed to be verified.

Because it jumped and just let me login, I didn't see any message that I needed to check my emails to verify. Therefore, once I tried to login to LastPass again I ran into the same issue, this time only noticing the first email I had been sent the day before. Trying the link, it now says it's expired and I need a new one. So I tried to login again and now no emails are coming through at all, so I'm stuck with no access to the account nor to customer service as my ability to upgrade isn't available.

Any support would be super appreciated! Thank you.

GoTo Moderator

Hi @lisswho

It does look like you were successfully verified 1 day ago, but your current attempts are using incorrect credentials. I would suggest typing out the password in a separate document, being careful of the placement of any capital letters, numbers and symbols, before copying that into the LastPass login field.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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