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Not receiving verification email

I am trying to log in to my vault, with my last time accessing it around July of this year. I know my master password, but because it's been 60 days, I need to verify my devices again. I log in with my username and master password, and I get the prompt to check my email to verify my device ...except I am not getting the email. I have checked every single folder in every single email account I have ...and nothing.


The kicker though, just to make sure my email is correct, when I do "forgot master password", it sends the hint email to the correct address I am trying to log in to with my hint, and I even deliberately tried to lock out my account to see if it would send the temporary suspension email to the correct email and it does. 


So why, if I can receive those two emails, am I not getting the device verification email?  My email provider is Gmail and I know they are not blocking emails from Lastpass/Log me in since I am getting the other two types above.


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Re: Not receiving verification email

@Rygw122   I looked up your Community email and found that you may be entering the incorrect password.  The verification emails are only sent if the correct credentials are being used when logging into the vault. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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