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New Member

Off to a frustrating start

So I'm trying to figure this all out, finding little to no easy to understand instructions. I tried to save my first test site to see if this thing is worth keeping or not and I can't get it done. The only help available seem to be getting dumped into this forum. There doesn't seem to be any way to save yahoo mail user name and password so that I can keep it secure. Such a basic site and it's impossible to figure out. So far lastpass seems like a bloated waste of time.
New Member

Re: Off to a frustrating start

I agree. I am finding it a nightmare and now I am not sure how to disentangle myself! Do I copy down all the passwords I've generated
before deleting the vault?
I just tried entering one of them manually on a site and it didn't work! Said it neither recognised my user name or password! This is terrifying!