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New Contributor

Open login window when browser opens?

I'm running Firefox 57.0.2 with LastPass Prior to FF 57, LP offered a preference to open the login Window when I opened my browser. That option was available, but did not work when FF 57 was released. It opened the small login window from the LP icon. After doing some updates and installing the binary component, a different type of login window opened when I opened FF 57. The window opened full screen in its own window and allowed me to login. I includes a watermark of a woman sitting in front of a keyboard. I now have a support ticket in, but the tech had me do a re-install and that new login window no longer appears when I open FF 57. This is hard to explain, but it appears that this forum does not allow screenshots to be uploaded for some reason that makes no sense. Anyway, I now noted that the LP Advanced preference to open a login window when the browser opens no longer exists. If anyway can tell me what's going on here, I'll be grateful. I noted that the full screen login window apparently was set in a cookie named moz-extension://4a92313e-ba9e-48f9-9dde-b9f99913b1c3/tabDialog.html?dialog=loginSimple. Thanks.