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PIN & brute force attack

I like the convenience of using a PIN to unlock the app (on both mobile and windows), but it seems there is no protection against brute force attack, I can try as many PINs as I want and there is no lock, time lock, or any warning.

Do you confirm that there is no protection against brute force attack on the PIN?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: PIN & brute force attack



The option of using a PIN to unlock LastPass (such as on the LastPass for Windows Desktop app) is generally only available when the "Remember Master Password" option is enabled. For best security practices, since PIN codes are vulnerable to brute force attacks, we would recommend instead entering the master password and enabling multifactor authentication for your account so you have the option to use an app to approve logins quickly (for example with the LastPass Authenticator for one-tap login.)


More information on enabling multifactor authentication and the different authentication options available, please see:

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