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Password changes in O365 is a nightmare

If you have, like me, multiple O365 tenants, the regular password change process (default policy for O365 tenants) is a real nightmare

First, most browsers do not allow you to let the password autofill , field "old password" not recognized. requires Copy-Paste, copy from Lastpass main vault icon menu

Generate new password: after "save" in O365, the browsers does not recognize that an O365 entry password in lastpass must be updated ; That is because the generated password is stored as "windows azure' instead of "microsoftonline So you have to manually copy the password from the "generate" box, then manually paste it in the main vault (edit entry) . With a bit of bad luck, the new password is lost - because the first time, you expect lastpass to kick in to ask you to save it, but there is a "windows azure" entry for every O365 password change, so you cannot see which is the one which has been just generated? If you forgot to copy the password from the generated password box, it is somwhere in an entry that you cannot relate to what you just changed, so gone forever ,,,"

After this step has been completed: password changed, succesfully updated in lastpass (manually) the new O365 password needs to be changed in a gaziillion apps on the desktop. Outlook, onedrive, onenote, teams, it goes on forever - But none of these apps recognizes lastpass, all entries need to be handled manually - type the account, then use copy and paste for the new password.
Consequently, password prompts keep popping up on your desktop for days after a password change .

Every time when Microsoft prompt me to change the passwords, I cringe.. Painfull process.

Hope that lastpass finds a way to deal with this in a much better way. My advice: go talk to Microsoft for some proper integration.