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Problems with new "Improved" Save and Fill

The new "improve save and fill" keeps generating pop-ups offering to save every email or phone number I enter. VERY annoying!


Then it keeps offering a new password instead of offering to fill in the saved identity for websites. It may come as a shock to Last Pass, but my goal when going to a log-in page is usually to log in, not generate a new password.


If I turn off the "improved" feature, Last Pass stops offering to fill in user name and password on several websites. I have to go into the vault to copy and paste the username and password.


Does anyone know if Last Pass is going to fix these problems before forcing us to change to the new version next week? (From my experience so far, the new version will be unusable, and I will be forced to find a new password manager... I hope this isn't the case!)

New Contributor

Re: Problems with new "Improved" Save and Fill

Hi, @andrew735 ... tagging you in this post as well. As mentioned in the other thread, I spent quite a bit of time trying to describe the problems to a tech support person this morning, who simply told me that if I didn't like the new "Improved save and fill" I would have to just be satisfied with much reduced functionality. 


There are four problems. The first two take place when I have the "Improved save and fill" activated:

1. When I enter a phone number of email into a website, a pop-up appears asking to save it to Last Pass. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don't want Last Pass to save emails and telephone numbers - but this bug can't be deactivated.

2. When I click on the Last Pass Logo to fill in a username and password, it doesn't give me the option to fill in the existing details - it only offers to generate a new password. (It might be a surprise to some engineers, but the usual goal of going to a login page is to log in, not change password!)


The second two take place when it isn't:

3. When I've deactivated the "feature", Last Pass refuses to fill in username and password for some (not all) websites - the Last Pass logo is present by greyed out. I have to click on the icon in the extensions section, and use that to copy and paste into the username and password fields. 

4. Last Pass does not offer to save or update login details on all websites. It still does with some websites, but not all.


So, Last Pass is completely unusable with "Improved save and fill" activated, and it almost devoid of value with it turned off. 


This is a great pity, since I've really liked Last Pass up until this past week.