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Question/Concerns about needing to verify LastPass logins on different devices/computers

Am I the only one annoyed about the repeated blocking of an account when one switched to another (PC) machine? Of course one reason for using a password manager are mutiple PCs - otherwise one could live fine with Password storage of the browser.

Does Lastpass expect to get more clients for the paid version this way?

Not really.

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Re: Paranoid security blocks



In order to be able to verify that you have access to the email address you use for your LastPass account (either because LastPass doesn't recognize your device or you are logging in from a new location or untrusted device), you are required to verify yourself by clicking a verification link via email. Once you've verified this sign in, you should not need to verify your login again on that device unless your IP changes or if you uninstall/reinstall the LastPass extension or if you clear your browser's cookies. We have noticed that some users who either use third-party privacy extensions or have their browsers set to block all cookies and/or clear history/cookies/cache upon closing their browser do need to verify their login after restarting their browser due to these preferences being enabled.



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Re: Paranoid security blocks

That is **bleep**ing bull**bleep** - EVERY TIME I switch machines I have to go through that.  IT'S THE WHOLE **bleep**ING POINT OF USING A PASSWORD MANAGER SO WE CAN SIGN IN FROM ANYWHERE WITH THE MASTER PASSWORD!!!!


Your service **bleep**ing stinks stinks stinks stinks!!!!  Absolutely hate you.