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Questions about Emergency Access

I would like to be able to grant a member of my family (or more) access to my Last Pass Vault in the event something happens to me and I am not able to grant them access using "Emergency Access". For example if I have an accident and am unconscious, or if I die.


I know of the "Shared Folders" option, but that doesn't fully satisfy what I need. Basically, there are website logins that I want to keep private while I'm alive, but would like to share if I pass away - my email account, for example. In these cases, I can't put the email account in the shared folder.


Thank you!

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Re: Grant Access at death

Hi @jkosturik,


LastPass' Emergency Access feature offers this functionality. Emergency Access gives you the ability to grant access to your Vault (including all of your passwords, secure notes, form fill items, and other information) to one or more designated LastPass users, and specify an access delay. This means that when a designated person attempts to access your information, this person would have to wait a specified time period of your choosing (e.g., 3 hours) during which you are notified and have the ability to decline the requested access. If you do not deny the request within the specified time period, the emergency access user will be able to access your Vault data via a shared folder that will appear in their Vault after the specified waiting time period (or sooner if you manually grant access.)

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