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Questions about the password strength rating in LastPass

I did a search on here, but the only posts that really match what I'm looking for are four years old and have no responses. So I'm hoping I'll get something on mine...


Why in the WORLD does my LP say that a generated 20 character password with a mix of upper & lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols is WEAK? I mean, seriously. I'm trying to go through and delete old accounts, change old and unsecure passwords that were made long ago, etc, but I now have a bunch of the sites on my Password Security list that still show up as weak  and I have to scroll past them to get to the ones that still need changing.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Password Strenth meter totally whacked

Hi @JenRar,


LastPass uses the industry-standard zxcvbn library to assist in calculating each password's strength. As a result, your individual passwords' strength and your security score for all of your passwords in your Vault may vary. Individual password strengths can be 0-25-50-75-100 while the security score can be anywhere between 0-100. The password strength for each of the passwords in your Vault are calculated using the zxcvbn library, and provides results outlined here:

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