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Recent data breach and 2FA query

Hi there,


I have a query concerning the recent data breach where hackers now have all customer's encrypted passwords.


I understand that they cannot access them if they don't have the correct Master passwords.


What I'd like to know is if you also have used multifactor authentication (I use a Yubi key and grid) and they managed to crack your Master password, would they still be able to access your password data?


If someone could give me peace of mind on this point, it would be much appreciated.












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Re: Recent data breach and 2FA query

I too would love to know the answer. I use Yubikeys as well for 2FA. Is my stolen vault protected only by my password? Or would my keys be required to open the vault? 

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Re: Recent data breach and 2FA query

Sadly my understanding from what I've read is that 2FA offers no protection to the backups - they are only encrypted using the Master Password on your LastPass account.  

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Re: Recent data breach and 2FA query

Wow, this is an absolute disaster.

This is a complete breach of every aspect of my life.

To think I've paid LastPass over almost 10 years assuming I'm being smart with my sensitive data.

What an idiot I've been.

Truly unbelievable. I want all my subscription fees back for all the years I've trusted LastPass thinking they actually know what they're doing.

What a huge amount of damage this has caused to people's lives!
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Re: Recent data breach and 2FA query

This is an scandal!!!