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Recover Account with Touch ID says Looks like something went wrong. we could not recover your acc

Hi there,


I previously set up Touch ID as a mechanism for account recovery. I changed my master password a couple weeks ago and got distracted by the kids and forgot to write it down. 


When I click on recover password, the Touch ID comes up, I put in my finger print on my apple phone and this message comes up (I've tried every day nearly for past two weeks, same message).


"Looks like something went wrong. We could not recover your account at this time. Please try again later".


I've also tried recovering the account with the one-time password but it requires a special plug-in thing that cannot be downloaded on a Mac.


I've tried to upgrade to premium to get personal support, but cannot do that without being logged in.


Please advise how this can be fixed.

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Re: Recover Account with Touch ID says Looks like something went wrong. we could not recover your...

Hi @Allie2,


I see that you changed your master password a week ago, if you remember the previous master password you could try Reverting back to the old master password and logging in with the old master password:


If you do not remember the previous master password and cannot revert, the next option would be to try another recovery option. All possible recovery options are detailed here:


Please be aware that LastPass Customer Care has no knowledge of a user's Master Password and it is not possible for LastPass Customer Care to reset or change a user's Master Password or assist a user with changing/resetting their master password.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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