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SMS code and call not working

this is the second time I have run into an issue with two factor authentication and it presented itself the same way. I try to login on a new device (I no longer can get the old device to boot) and I put my SIM card in and can confirm that I receive text/calls from other numbers. However, when I try to get an SMS code or a call to my phone, I never get a call or SMS. I would love to confirm the phone number that is being used, even if it is just the last (4) digits but I cannot seem to find a way to do that without getting into the vault.


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Re: Cant login my account, change phone, cant get sms! know Master Password. Cant Upgrade acc either

Hello @AVAR 

I'm sorry about the recent SMS failures. 


If you're still experiencing difficulty, we can help investigate further.  Please click my Community name to send a private message with your phone number, location, LastPass email address, and telecom provider. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: SMS code and call not working

is it possible to confirm my identity manually and temporarily disable the SMS verification so I can get into the vault? That was what I did last time this happened and it was the only way.


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SMS Passcode sent! is not sending and Call Me doesn't work either.

I'm locked out of my LastPass account I remember my username and master password, however, when I try to log in it takes me to complete multifactor authentication and when I click 'Send me an SMS passcode' I do see a message that SMS has been sent but I never receive the SMS.

If I click the 'Call Me' option I get this error: Multifactor authentication failed! 


I think I had the authenticator app set up on my phone but I recently changed my phone and I don't have access to my previous phone anymore to use the code from the app.




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Re: SMS Passcode sent! is not sending and Call Me doesn't work either.

Kudos to LastPass support for resolving this so quickly. They disabled the MFA on my account and I was able to log in.

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Urgent: 2 WAY authenication SMS code - LastPass

I need help. I have two authenication set up. I want to get into my account but SMS code wont send to my phone. How can I fix this?


Error:Multifactor authentication failed!Dismiss


Any advise?

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Unable to receive sms

impossible de recevoir le code sms depuis la Guadeloupe.
Est-ce que quelqu'un a eu un retour? Car je vois que beaucoup ne recoive pas le code.

impossible to receive the sms code from Guadeloupe.
Has anyone had any feedback? Because I see that many do not receive the code.

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Not receiving SMS passcode and call in Pakistan

Not receiving SMS passcode and call in Pakistan

I have been trying for several days and sms passcode / 2fa call are not coming to my phone in Pakistan. This used to work fine

Also when trying to open a support ticket it does not allow me to select Pakistan phone

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Re: Urgent: 2 WAY authenication SMS code - LastPass

Hi @Shahidullislam - thank you for the question and sorry for the frustration.

We have a few troubleshooting tips if you are not receiving SMS codes from LastPass:


If these do not work, you may need to recover your account. Please find the instructions here:


Let me know if these help! 

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Re: Urgent: 2 WAY authenication SMS code - LastPass

Yes finally recieving SMS codes thank you! 

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Re: Unable to receive sms

Bonjour @Yannick-971 - thank you for your question and sorry for any frustration. Please refer to this support article for common troubleshooting tips for why you may not be receiving a SMS code:


Let me know if this helps!