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For more information about the LastPass security incident please visit our blog

New Contributor

Re: Urgent: 2 WAY authenication SMS code - LastPass

Could you please assist with the same issue I am facing of not receiving SMS one time code for last pass. I know my username and password and once I put in the credentials, the systems asks for a one time password sent via SMS which is never received on my phone.


I have tried all the rectification steps suggested on the last website and on this blog, but to no avail. 


is there anyway I can start receiving the pass codes on SMS again o a support ticket can be raised from your end?


Your support in this regard is deeply appreciated

New Contributor

Re: Cant login my account, change phone, cant get sms! know Master Password. Cant Upgrade acc either

My phone hasn't changed. I used to receive the SMS verification code, but now I can't receive the SMS verification code. Can I reset the password with my email and the machine I logged in with one time password? help me!!

New Contributor

Re: SMS code and call not working

I have the same problem - can`t  receive SMS passcode.. Help, please.