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SMS code and call not working

this is the second time I have run into an issue with two factor authentication and it presented itself the same way. I try to login on a new device (I no longer can get the old device to boot) and I put my SIM card in and can confirm that I receive text/calls from other numbers. However, when I try to get an SMS code or a call to my phone, I never get a call or SMS. I would love to confirm the phone number that is being used, even if it is just the last (4) digits but I cannot seem to find a way to do that without getting into the vault.

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I have already tried the following link, however I don't get more.
Does having a 9-character password, or a telephone in Guadeloupe with the extension +590 influence the reception of the validation sms?

New Contributor

@AshC can you help me please?

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LastPass Contributor

Hi @Yannick-971 - thanks for the additional information. I spoke with our development team. Can you please re-attempt the SMS code now? 

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I stopped recieving SMS code messages can anyone help? 

GoTo Moderator

Hi @nabeel1

I apologize we don't currently offer Pakistan as a callback country, and I will request the support team to review options there.


I've now created a case for Customer Support to review. Please check your email and answer the identity confirmation questions in order to temporarily disable 2FA on your LastPass account. 



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Hello, I know that are many discussions already about this topic but none of them has some sort of guide to fix the problem.
I am also locked out of my LastPass account and can't seem to receive any sms to log in.
I was using the Authenticator app but everytime I tried to accept a new login, an error would pop up so I cound't proceed.
So I tried the sms solution and didn't work
I also tried to reinstall the app but now I'm unable to multi-factor it cause I don't receive any sms
Is there any solution?
Phone: Iphone XR
Phone company: Vivo (Brazil)

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Active Contributor

I'm so tired of trying to login at least 5-10 times before I can get logged in and many times I just can't login.  I enter my email and password with no problem.  But then I'm asked for the passcode sent to me thru sms.  I click on "Send me my passcode via SMS (or similar to that)".  But by the time the passcode comes I either have only enough time to enter 1 or 2 digits before I am booted out and the screen goes back to starting all over.  I get a message to change my  extension settings.  What extension setting?  I am not using an extension.  I am just going to the LastPass website and trying to login.  I am so extremely mad about this.  Please can someone help me?  

New Contributor

Hello @AshC ,

I am also facing the same issue. I accidentally deleted the Lastpass authenticator app, and now the sms passcode or callback is not working for me.

Could you please help me disable 2FA from my account.  I am really worried about the situation.

Waiting for your response.


GoTo Manager

Hi @softfree55, I have opened a support ticket for you. If Could Backup was enabled you may be able to restore your LastPass Authenticator account
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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