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SMS code and call not working

this is the second time I have run into an issue with two factor authentication and it presented itself the same way. I try to login on a new device (I no longer can get the old device to boot) and I put my SIM card in and can confirm that I receive text/calls from other numbers. However, when I try to get an SMS code or a call to my phone, I never get a call or SMS. I would love to confirm the phone number that is being used, even if it is just the last (4) digits but I cannot seem to find a way to do that without getting into the vault.

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I was able to resolve the problem I was having, and everything is working now as it should. I had to re-pair my iPhone with the Last Pass application. In other words, I had to go to the page showing the QR code and rescan that. Once I did this, the problem was solved.

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Thanks for responding - appreciated.

I'm not sure how I access the page with a QR code without logging in did you do this?

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I use my wife's phone as a backup for instances in which Authenticator isn't working. LastPass texted a code to my wife's phone, and I was able to use that to sign in. I put my wife's phone number is a backup when I set up Authenticator to work for my LastPass account.

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Thanks again

I also set my recovery mobile as my wife's phone but no texts are coming through even though LP says it has sent.

Looks like I have nowhere to go.



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Dear LastPass team, I face the same issue. My Authenticator app stopped working, and now I am not able to access LastPass because I the app does not trigger SMS to my (German) phone number. I also have no option to contact support because my premium subscription just expired. My entire life is in LastPass, and I'm now locked out of almost every single service. It would be great if someone could help me.


Interestingly, I receive (correct) SMS when I use Master Password Recovery.

GoTo Moderator

@KennyRiley @maxtsc  

I apologize for the difficulty with your authenticator. 


If you're unable to get past the confirmation point and cannot reach Customer Support, please click my Community name to send a private message with:

  • Your LastPass email address
  • Associated phone number
  • Physical location
  • 5+ unique sites with credentials stored in LastPass

I can help create a case to confirm your ID and temporarily disable the Authenticator for the account login. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Thank you for your help

The SMS recovery code landed the next you must have worked some magic!

New Contributor

Hi, can you help me with this problem?

I have been waiting for more than a month for a response


New Contributor

Hi Ash,

I also have the same problem that I encounter every time I logging in with LastPass. Btw, I already messaged you my details.