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Sent too many SMS messages?

I've been trying to reset a forgotten master password - and replace a phone at the same time.
I initially tried from a web browser that I used the chrome extension from. The reset password wizard initially went through sending an SMS then redirecting to the one time recovery password login. However, at that point it was spitting back a "OTP has not been saved to this device. Try again from a browser or device that you previously logged in from."

I'm now stuck, as the SMS is throwing the "Too many SMS messages" message. How long do I need to wait before attempting again? It's already been 23-ish hours. Is there antoh

Thanks in advance!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Sent too many SMS messages?

Hi @bennettjj8,


I reviewed your account and see that you do not have any recovery one-time passwords on your account at all. This means that account recovery will most likely not be possible, such as recovery via SMS or via a browser. You could try recovery via biometrics, if that was previously enabled, as this doesn't require a recovery one time password to be available: but if you've tried that and encounter an error (meaning it wasn't enabled previously) and could not recover your account, your final option is to reset your account and start over with a new master password and new Vault. To reset your account, the steps are outlined in this article:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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