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Share Lastpass URL is incorrect

Hi Team,

My manager has shared some logins with me in Lastpass (one example is North). However, for some reason, I cannot log in to the site. She has shared same logins with the other staffs previously and without any issues so it is quite strange. 

Upon checking, the URL is incorrect. I could not launch the item due to this, and it will also not auto refill the details. My Manager checked her Lastpass to see if the URL is incorrect, but it is perfectly fine on her end. Other staffs shared logins were also perfectly fine.

So far I am using Chrome and Edge. I have cleared cache, logged in and out of the LastPass extension, have deleted the login inside LastPass and had my Manager reshared it, but nothing seems to be working so far.


Any ideas on what the issue could be and how we could fix this?


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Re: Share Lastpass URL is incorrect

I'm also having the same issue in Lastpass. It's for one particular item though, the rest of the logins I have in my vault are okay. I used to be able to launch that website but my boss recently updated the password and then shared the logins with me. However, the URL is showing his email instead of the actual website URL so now I can no longer launch it. 

He checked on his end and the URL is correct, he tried sharing it with me multiple times but I still get his email in the URL field every time. I've already cleared my cache, removed the item, and had him share it with me again, but no luck. 

Not sure what to do, so I checked the community and found this. Hope someone can help. 🙂

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Re: Share Lastpass URL is incorrect

I am also having this issue. When my wife shares items with passwords with me, the URL field becomes corrupted. Her URL field is fine, but mine has a variety of different information there. Since she shared it with me, I am not able to update the URL in my shared copy.


I think this is a recent issue. Previously her shares were fine.

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Re: Share Lastpass URL is incorrect



I tried getting in touch with support but the steps they gave me didn't resolve it. Just checking, were you able to figure it out, and if so, how did you do it. 


I'll  appreciate any help. Thank you. 

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Re: Share Lastpass URL is incorrect

I am having roughly the same issue.  When I share an item with my wife, the URL gets replaced by the user name.  Never had this issue before - should I contact support?