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Stuck at: Your account is being recovered

I'm an existing user and I've forgotten my master password (or it no longer works)

I've been trying to recover access via  the iPhone app using my touch ID

Recovery appears to start but it gets stuck at a loading screen which reads as below.


Your account is being recovered...

We're gathering your info, please don't leave or close the app.


Please help?

New Contributor

Re: Stuck at: Your account is being recovered

Can somebody PLEASE help me?!

New Member

Re: Stuck at: Your account is being recovered

Have the same issue, please help
GoTo Manager

Re: Stuck at: Your account is being recovered

Hello @Olgagolyk ,

Thank you for checking the Community.


Upon checking your email, I've noticed it is a Free account, you have only a desired device type for usage.  The logs do not show account recovery info, I could only see the successful logins from your app. 


If you don't remember the master password of the account, you'll need to perform account recovery from your phone (if biometrics were enabled), these are the steps: Reset your master password using mobile account recovery on iOS for LastPass




Karol is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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