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Unable to Recover Mobile Account - phone died & forgot password

My Samsung phone's motherboard died, and I decided to go back to an Apple device. 

The newer iPhones have Face ID, but no longer have a fingerprint ID like the Samsung.


I used the free version of lastpass for many years (however I'm not sure if many of the recovery options were on in my account) and had forgotten my master password.


The password hint was blank in the recovery email, and I tried recovering my account, I can get as far as the Y/N prompt to use a onetime password, but after clicking yes it wants me to try from a bunch of different browsers because my browser didn't remember the password:


"Account recovery failed for [your email address]. Your current browser didn't save account recovery data on this computer. Please try account recovery again in each browser and on every computer with which you've used lastpass" .... if that fails "you'll have to delete your existing account and create a new one"


I've tried from 3 different browsers FF, Edge, and attempted safari. If it means that I need to use a browser on a (mobile) device that I've accessed lastpass on before then that would be the dead samsung.


I once had it on a [now disposed] computer before Lastpass made the changes to the free account to pick one genre of device or the other. I'll try to check my work phone to see if I signed in with my personal lastpass there, but  I'm open to suggestions.

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Re: Unable to Recover Mobile Account - phone died & forgot password

I can swap the SIM to another (older) apple Phone if using a fingerprint ID would help me do the account recovery, (i forget if I used that LP account on that phone at one point or not)

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Re: Unable to Recover Mobile Account - phone died & forgot password

Hi @Impass, welcome to the community.


I have reviewed your account and unfortunately you do not have any recovery one-time passwords generated for it, so the only way to access the account is to enter the Master Password correctly. Remember, the master password is 12 or more characters long and has at least one upper and lower case letter, number and symbol. It is also case sensitive so you may want to type it out in a text editor to check exactly how it is being entered.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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