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Unable to Secure Access to My Account

For over a month now I have been trying to get my account secured. It seems nothing I do... not even account reset or  making a new account.... I have exhausted all brain capacity and have not had any real assistance from the multiple tickets I have submitted. I've even sent in Debug Logging multiple times without being asked in hopes that I would receive some sort of insight and resolution beyond the basic canned end user responses..... I started out pretty detailed but quickly run out of steam due to the canned responses that I had already addressed in the original message that they replied to. 


I completely cleared my account using the link that was provided earlier....

First I exported a copy of my LP Data.
Then cleared cache.
I already have set to only one instance that can be logged in at a time and DO NOT have checked for the same IP. Basically one instance. 
After doing the account reset, I left it overnight and did nothing with the account.. However, I noticed that the MP was NOT changed even though I had changed it.
In the morning, I logged into three different instances and verified they were all the same. only one password was in each. I did a clear local db for all of them. I then did a refresh. Still had the same setup already where only one instance could be logged in at a time. I never had to re-enable this. I then added the security email, verified it, and logged out. 
Logged back in and added MFA or LP and Msft. Logged out. Logged in to different instances and they were all good to go. I was only asked twice for MFA and after the two never again. Once again MFA is turned off. I am missing over  1200 items that I had imported back into LP and resynced everything.
I have sent you my logs multiple times. I have Debugging enabled. I have changed my password 3 to 4 times a day for almost the last month. Have you looked to see if someone else is accessing my account and making changes? I have been locked out before because the password was being changed at the same time. 
I have NEVER had any issues whatsoever in over 4 years i have been using this program. Once I upgraded to the Family Plan it seems everything just fell out. Now I can't even get my account secured or get someone to actually understand the significance of how serious this really is. I have placed my trust in your company and allowed you to and paid you to be the gatekey keeper basically of my life and yet its not working and I can't get a resolution or someone to actually look at everything or understand what it is like to have to change all your passwords daily and not be able to do a simple task like having MFA enabled on my account. I've sent you more data than you have requested yet it seems no one is looking into it. This is extremely disappointing.
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Re: Unable to Secure Access to My Account

Hi @KKenui,


Could you provide more details as to what you mean by you're not able to get your account secured? You had mentioned you Reset your account, if you have a backup/export of your Vault data you could instead try fully Deleting your LastPass account following the steps here: then re-creating an account with the same email to see if you can then log in and set up your account as desired.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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