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Unable to use "return" key when editing

I  saw this as "fixed" 3 years ago...but it is happening again.


When editing a password.....The "ENTER" key is not functioning correctly.

It should allow the editing to jump to the next line.   If used in the middle of a text line, it should insert a <Break> and allow continued editing on the next line of text.


What happens☹️?  It abrubtly closes the editing window.   The application translates [ENTER] as [SAVE].  This is hugely frustrating, and is a step back.  

Makes it impossible to add mulitple lines as the following.

1.  John Doe

2. Jane Doe

3. Samanantha Doe


Are millions of us having this problem?  Does customer support / engineering know about this annoying issue?


-The Hopper


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Re: Unable to use "return" key when editing

I just saw a note from @windyplayer  (whoever that is?).


--> "Please note we have a fix prepared for this soon.  As soon as we confirm the new release is available to customers we'll update this thread "


That's great.

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Re: Unable to use "return" key when editing


  what happen to  the  Enter key ?!?

on my  Win 10 PC  ....  that  key now log me out of the  text  box am  trying to edit .

the same  happens on my  laptop..


but  on my android   mobile   it  is  not a  problem .. !?  ? !


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Re: Unable to use "return" key when editing

Yes, a lot of people having this issue.  Very frustrating.

Please see busy thread on it  linked below (that thread says it is solved - it isn't - there are just some weak workarounds - we are all waiting for LogMeIn to fix it properly - though I am rapidly losing patience)